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      Guest: Codie Sanchez is a reformed journalist, turned institutional investor to cannabis investor and advisor, to now Founder at Contrarian Thinking and Cofounder of Unconventional Acquisitions. We help people think critically, and cashflow unconventionally while allocating to what we call “sweaty & boring” small businesses.

      Throughout her career, she has worked at the intersection of marketing and money, finding contrarian ways to invest. She’s always balanced her profession with non-profit service to empower women, veterans and Latinos.

      She joined Vanguard ETFs in 2008 to their ETF business, quite the time, then moved to Goldman Sachs Alternatives group. Following, she became an SVP at SSGA in institutional investing tasked with a $3 billion region, finally coming to First Trust ($63B) to build the LatAm investment business from the ground up. From there she became an MD and Partner at EEC, one of the largest cannabis investment firms. Codie has led global teams in all asset classes, negotiating JV’s, product creation and market entry across the Americas.

      She is an advisory board member at EEC, Permian Capital, The Arcview Group, Magma Partners Venture Fund and a member of the free markets think tank, AEI’s Enterprise Club. She invests in women led startups through Plum Alley, WAVE and The Vinetta Project and cannabis companies through EEC. She received her degree in PR & Journalism from ASU’s Honors School, MBA from Georgetown University and PHD from Fundacao Gestulio Vargas. She was awarded the JFK Award for Print Journalism and the Howard Buffett Grant.

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      What’s the Podcast About:

      Jordan Van Trump sits down with Codie Sanchez, founder & writer at Contrarian Thinking, to talk about investing in emerging markets, being a conflict journalist on the US Mexican border, learning to ask tough questions, becoming a full-time investor, working with Goldman Sachs, leveraging good debit, buying small businesses, how to better hire employees, developing agri-hoods, how to better cash flow as an individual, the one thing she would change to become a full-time investor earlier, learning from someone who has already done it before you, and her theory about collecting people. Enjoy!

      Episode : Codie Sanchez

      Investing in Emerging Markets, Focusing on Cash Flow, and Becoming a Full-Time Investor


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