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      Working for American Pickers, Getting Offered a Job at AirBnb by Joe Gebbia, Collecting Motorcycles, and Creating The Hustle

      Sam Parr, Co-Founder and CEO at The Hustle , was raised in St. Louis as an athlete and always loved to compete. After high school, Sam attended Belmont University on a track scholarship, where he ran the 400 meter dash. While in college, Sam gained a wide variety of experiences through many jobs and businesses he started along the way. The first business he started while attending college was Moonshine Online. Soon after realizing all the loops he would have to take to make this a real business, he went on to work for American Pickers for 18 months. After that, he started his first successful business called Southern Sam’s, which was a hot dog stand in Nashville that sold wieners as big as a baby’s arm. Then, he decided to send an email to the co-founder at AirBnb, Joe Gebbia, that eventually led to him getting an interview with the man himself. Flying to San Francisco on a five day notice, he got the job and decided to turn it down. After staying at an AirBnb that night, Sam decided to move to San Francisco and start a company called Bunk SF, a roommate matching website, with the guy he stayed in with that night. After selling BunkSF, Sam started a conference for entrepreneurs called Hustle Con. I’m actually heading out there next month and you can buy your tickets HERE today! Sam is currently the co-founder and CEO at The Hustle as well as the owner at The Anti-MBA.

      In this podcast, Sam and I talk about a wide variety of life interests such as: getting scholarships to run the 400 meter dash, having dreams to get into the music business, working with American Pickers, starting a business selling moonshine online, learning lessons from Mike Wolfe, learning how to relate to the normal person, starting a hot dog stand in Nashville, starting businesses with people he met on AirBnb, being addicted to competition & adventure, collecting motorcycles, learning to compete with yourself, his love for learning about different cultures in America, starting The Hustle, the cost of acquiring customers, how Facebook advertising has changed over the years, why you should attend Hustle Con, and starting clubs to make your network larger.

      Listen to the podcast below to learn more about this young entrepreneur and some of the lessons he has learned from some of the most successful people in their industry


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