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      Experiencing Eric Clapton, Duck Hunting, and Investing in Farm Ground with Carter Malloy

      Carter MalloyFounder and CEO at AcreTrader , has been around farming and investments nearly his entire life. Carter grew up on a farm in Arkansas, and graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelors degree in Physics. After college, Carter ventured off to start his own company called GCB, which was focused on internet marketing and sustainable fuel technologies . Then, in 2006 Carter became a managing director at Stephens Inc. After seven years he took a new position with Park Presidio Capital.  During his tenure, Carter got to work with many high-level investors such as Don Robert the acting Chairman of Experian, Warren C. Jenson the Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President of Acxiom, and John Wright the former Vice President of Operations at J.B. Hunt.  It was exciting to hear Carter offer up some of the best advice from his Board of Advisors. Carter and I also talk about a wide variety of life interests such as  growing up on a farm in Arkansas, studying physics, his biggest failures, investing strategies, his selection to the Forbes Finance Council, being in a band, enjoying Eric Clapton, duck hunting, traveling the world, and of course being a Razorback fan. Listen to the podcast below to learn more about Carter Malloy and how he’s trying to change the way people invest in farm ground


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