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      Growing Agriculture in Space, Circuit Racing, and Digital Wallets for Farmers with Jake Joraanstad

      Guest: Jake Joraanstad is one of the best tech entrepreneurs we’ve had on the show that is focused on bringing innovative software products and solutions to the agriculture value chain. Right now, Jake is the co-founder and CEO at Bushel. In addition to Bushel, Jake is also the co-founder of Emerging Prairie.

      Best Quote: “No one is going to invest in you if they don’t believe you have the ability to build the right team.”


      What’s the Podcast About:

      Jordan Van Trump sits down with Jake Joraanstad, co-founder and CEO at Bushel, to talk about what it was like growing up in North Dakota on a cattle ranch, working on agriculture in space, how Bushel has transformed throughout the years and ended up in the ag space, the importance of focus, how to build a successful team, his best advice for any ag-tech startup, raising money, building a company to 200+ People, how to stop avoiding focus, circuit racing over 100 mph, why he believes you have to fail to learn, his new hobby of beekeeping, working with his family, being involved in the city of Fargo, and why he believes a lot of the traditional ways in agriculture are going digital on mobile devices. Enjoy!


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