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      Growing Agriculture in Space, Circuit Racing, and Digital Wallets

      Dirt Track Racing, Passing Down the Family Farm, and Blowing Up on YouTube

      Sports Cards, Working on Wall Street, and What’s Next For Fractional Investing

      Kevin & Jordan Van Trump sit down with Ezra Levine, CEO at Collectable, to talk about what’s happening in the crazy hot sports trading card space! In this conversation, we bring a fresh perspective on our investment strategy, where we see the market heading, why we think this is starting to blow up, how NFTs are going to affect the space, and what’s hot in newer and older collections. In addition, you’ll want to listen to this conversation as we dive into the new world of FRACTIONAL OWNERSHIP and how this new model is going to continue to drive prices higher moving forward. Remember, we are starting to see this model in farmland. Enjoy!

      Bombs, Sailing, and Agriculture

      Playing with Peyton Manning, the Importance of Family, and Scoring a Deal on Shark Tank

      Being a 5th Generation Farmer, Hiking the Great Pyramid of Giza, and Working for the Best Law Firm in Agriculture

      In this podcast, Jay and I will cover what it was like growing up on a farm in Northwest Missouri herding cattle, what it’s like trying to continue a 5th generation farm, the Missouri-Arkansas State Line Rivalry, attending Missouri and Virginia, what it was like working with John R. Gibson, coronavirus, The Summit at the Summit, feeding the world, the importance of being on time, why his family is so important to him, his love for being outdoors, hiking the great pyramid of Giza, his dream of pheasant hunting in the Dakotas, what he’s reading right now, how he volunteers in the community, how technology is affecting the law space, tips on negotiation, fragmentation in agriculture as well as some opportunities he’s seeing in the future, and a little bit about Lathrop GPM.

      The Great Commodity Super Cycle, Energy Vortexes, 4 Secrets to Success, and Becoming a Real Estate Genius

      In this podcast, Ben and I will cover what it was like growing up on a farm in Canada, his early dreams of wanting to be in the music business, the four secrets to success, his transition back into farming, how he took his farming operation to the next level of over 38,000 acres, the great commodity super cycle, how to help farming operations grow to be more successful, the importance of customer service, best places to travel, driving the Alaskan Highway, buying property around energy vortexes, supporting charity, and the real estate market.

      Women in Ag, Millennials Affecting Agriculture, and Director of Agribusiness at Harvard.

      We talk about a wide variety of interests in her life such as what it’s like going to school at Harvard, becoming Director of their Agribusiness Program, where some of her best ideas come from, where grocery stores are heading in the future, buying groceries online, working with Ray Goldberg, living in Boston, traveling the World, and horseback riding.


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